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Service support

Service support

We offer service support as a part of all our solutions and products deliveries as well as a stand alone service for already running systems.

Air Bank

When it comes to an IBM QRadar service support we are one of the biggest providers with unique competence and team size in central Europe. We are IBM Support Provider for QRadar at your servis 24/7.


and Insurance companies

Utility &




We offer service support as a tailor made service based on the client’s specific needs and the supported solution.

Service support generally has the following parameters:

  • Helpdesk availability 24/7 or 8x5 (9.00 - 17.00)
  • possibility of entering an incident via the web portal or by phone (hotline)
  • Response time: 2h or NBD
  • evaluation of requests (software defect, performance problem, etc.) via remote access
  • integration into the ISECO monitoring centre for proactive detection of potential problems
  • full and proactive error and defect resolution with support from the solution manufacturer on behalf of the customer
  • system migration in case of failure (restore from backup, data import) regular installations, updates and upgrades
  • service support for the implemented solution as a whole, including HW, SW and implementation
  • communication with the solution vendor on behalf of the client
  • extension of maintenance services provided by the vendor
  • possibility to extend with additional services - e.g.: complete proactive monitoring

Would you like to know how service support can help your company? Our team is happy to assist you.


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