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Consultations and products and solutions development

Consultations and products and solutions development
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We offer consultations and development as a part of all our solutions and products deliveries as well as a stand alone service for already running systems.

Air Bank

Our consulting team consists of world-class information and IT security professionals with 5+ years of experience.


and Insurance companies

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Description of consultations


Consultancy and development services are linked to service support services and serve to continuously improve the implemented solutions so that they always respond to new needs and thus ensure the best possible use of the original investment.

Sample consultations and IBM QRadar SIEM development:

Development consultations are used to progressively develop the implemented solution and include:

  • consulting on deployment/solution architecture and related processes
  • setting up SIEM platform monitoring and automation of routine activities
  • recommendations for connecting log sources and other integrations
  • integration of custom applications, creation of connectors
  • proactive consultations of rules and reports (security monitoring use cases) to improve detection of potential attacks
  • creation of rules, reports, dashboards etc.
  • trainings

Development consultations are available as a prepaid MD and its disbursement happens transparently within the ISECO Helpdesk portal.


Would you like to know how we can help your company with solution development? Our team is happy to assist you.

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